Spaceland Pre-Nationals Competition 2017

Pre-Nationals is a Nationals-style formation skydiving competition that gives formation skydiving teams a chance to tune up and test it out before the Freefall National Championships in September. See how you stack up against Nationals-standard judges and OmniSkore scoring system! This is a fabulous opportunity to get familiar with competition logistics before Nationals, see how you’re comparing to your competition, meet people and have a blast! Events include:

  • 4-Way Formation Skydiving (Classes: Open, Advanced, Intermediate), 8 rounds
  • 8-Way Formation Skydiving (Classes: Open, Intermediate), 8 rounds
  • Mixed Formation Skydiving (Classes: Open, Advanced), 6 rounds

Chief Judge: Randy Connell, USPA Director of Competition
Additional Judges: Tom Jenkins, Daniel Angulo
Competition airplanes: Twin Otters
Scoring system: Omniskore
Meet Directors: Scott Latinis, Christy West

Stay tuned to the event’s Facebook page for announcements!

Pre-Nationals Schedule

  • Competition load 1’s 15-minute call will be at 7 am each day Friday-Sunday
  • 4-way FS and MFS awards will be at sunset Saturday if the events are complete
  • 8-way FS awards will be given as soon as possible after 8way competition completes
  • No jumps or tunnel flying from the time your event has received the draw until your final round’s score has been posted.

How to Register

1. Register your information

2. Pay online

**** Each competitor on your team should fill out the registration form and pay on this page (payments are per competitor, not per team).

What You Get

  • Scoring by a 3-judge panel of nationally rated formation skydiving judges using Omniskore (led by experienced chief judge/meet director and USPA Director of Competition Randy Connell)
  • T-shirt

Cost Breakdown

  • Registration: $50 for the first event, $25 for each additional event
  • Jump tickets: $25 each
  • Rounds:
    • 4-Way FS: 8 (open, advanced, intermediate classes available)
    • 8-Way FS: 8 (open, intermediate classes available)
    • 2-Way MFS: 6 (open, advanced classes available)

Total (including jumps)

  • 4-Way FS: $250/person
  • 8-Way FS: $250/person
  • 2-Way MFS: $200/person
  • 4-Way FS + 8-Way FS: $475/person
  • 4-Way FS + 2-Way MFS: $425/person
  • 8-Way FS + 2-Way MFS: $425/person
  • 4-Way F + 8-Way FS + 2-Way MFS: $650/person

Refund Policy

Any jumps not made will be refunded at $25 per slot. The registration fee is nonrefundable after Aug. 17.

Practice Jumps: $22 per slot (video slot also $22)

All members of the team must be registered and paid prior to Thursday, Aug 17 to get this rate, which applies to team training jumps made beginning 0700 on Aug 17, 2017 until the briefing starts for the team’s event. Spaceland teams with different rates get your team’s agreed-upon rate for practice jumps.


Email Events Director Scott Latinis!